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Financial professionals now have an added service to consider for their clients. Life settlements will only be considered for a small number of their clients and while they may have a responsibility to make their clients aware of this option finding the time to master it often is not feasible. That's why they call What Matters For Life as the life settlement specialists. It is important that all financial professionals become familiar with the life settlement option. The US senior population will soon represent 20% of the US population. The market is exploding. Driven by the aging baby boomers, the population of people age 65 and older is projected to double to 70 million by 2030. This population has over $500 billion of life insurance currently in force for insureds over the age of 65. Statistics suggest that more than $100 billion of that insurance will lapse potentially making it available for a life settlement.

Life Settlements are a financial planning tool that is being used regularly by insurance and financial professional as an added value service and additional revenue source.

Like most financial and insurance products, Life Settlements provide advisors a new earning capability. Compensation is paid by the provider companies to properly licensed advisors. Life Settlements also provides advisors a valuable opportunity to gain additional client referrals by offering free policy appraisals. What Matters For Life provides advisors with current valuations of policies and helps the advisor to avoid frustrating pitfalls sometimes experienced by advisors that try to navigate a life settlement without the benefit of expert advice.




Value added service to your clients

Identify unvalued assets held in companies

New source of cash in marital dissolutions

Opportunity for charitable giving

Additional Revenue


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